Europe in 1882

On this completed map of Europe students should pay particular attention to the changes in the Balkan peninsula and in North Africa. This map lays the groundwork for the major territorial and nationalist disputes which sets off World War I.

1.Locate and identify all the Political Entities then existing in the Balkan peninsula.

2.Which of the above entities enjoyed full independence by 1882?

3.Since 1871, the Ottoman Empire has lost Tunisia, Egypt and Cyprus. Locate these countries and not who controlled them in 1882.

4. Locate Montenegro. From its location, why had Montenegro been able to maintain its autonomy from Istanbul for nearly two centuries?

5. Locate Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Sanjak of Novipazar. Although both had been provinces of the Ottoman Empire for more thabn 300 years, what state occupies them following the Congress of Berlin in 1878?

6. The same Congres of Vienna had created an independent Bulgaria, which had been freed from Turkish rule by a Russian army in 1878. But fearful of Russian influence in the area, the Congress had returned to Turkey the southern portion of Bulgarian lands. Locate this province of East Rumelia.

6. Find the approximate location of the Suez Canal. What had England done by 1882 in order to protect this vital link for its Imperial commerce?

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