Europe in 1914

On this completed map of Europe students should pay particular attention to the the alliances which had developed since the turn of the century and which had turned Europe into two hostile camps.

1.Note the enlarged state of Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece. At whose expense had they grown.

2.Locate Albania. What is its capital city. What strategic position did it hold in regards to Serbia?

3. Serbia funded the assassins of Franz Ferdinand. Draw in the territory of Bosnia-Herzogovina to show its relationship with Serbia.

4. List and locate the members of the pre-war Triple Alliance.

5. List and locate the members of the so-called "Entente cordial."

6. List and locate the four members of the war-time Central Alliance -- the so-called "Central Powers"

6. List and locate the seven European members of the anti-German war-time alliance -- the so-called "Allies"

7. Note the expansion of the Kingdom of Italy into North Africa and into the Near East. What possessions of the old Ottoman Empire have they now acquired>

8. In the proposed Berlin-Bagdad Railroad, what Balkan countries would it have to cross?

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