Europe in 1922

On this completed map of Europe students should pay particular attention to the new countries which have emerged from the Great War, and the fluctuating nature of their often hotly disputed borders.

1. Locate and identify the lands ceded to Germany by the new USSR in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, March 1918). By 1922 what has happened to those areas?

2. By the Treaty of Versailles, what areas did Germany lose on its western frontiers? And to whom?

3. By the same treaty, what territory did Germany lose on its Eastern frontier? And to whom?

4. The former Austro-Hungarian Empire simply disappeared, and the tiny remnant of its German- speaking population gathered into the new Republic of Austria. Locate it, and also note that a significant portion of that State was then ceded to the victorious Kingdom of Italy. What was that territory?

5. What has happened to the United Kingdom of England and Ireland? Be sure to identify the two portions of Ireland, by what names are they now identified?

6. Note the new Kingdom of the Croats, Serbs and Slovenes. What is the significance of this name?

7. Locate the "Curzon Line" which was established by the Paris Peace Conference. How did Poland gain lands to the East of this frontier?

8. The Paris Peace Conference dictated harsh terms upon the Ottoman Empire, an ally of Germany during the war. In 1922, these terms were still in effect. From the map, what European countries are the major beneficiaries of this division of the Ottoman Empire?

9. The biggest change in the territory of the Ottoman Empire, however, was in the mid-East. What new political entities have come into existence there, and who controls them?

10. List (and find) the nine (9) NEW COUNTRIES (the so-called Successor States) which were carved out of pre-war multi-national Empires. If you can't identify them, click here for a special map which labels the successor states.

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