Europe in 1929

This map shows Europe on the eve of the Great Depression.

1.By comparing this map with that of 1922, you will find that in these seven years, two countries have changed their name. Both were new states that had been formed by uniting diverse ethnic groups. What are their new names?

2.What is the significance of this name change?

3. In September 1923, after years of fighting and defeating the Greek occupiers of their country, the new Turkish Republic under Mustafa Kemal successfully drove out the remaining British and allied forces and occupied Istanbul. Note the territorial extent of Turkey under its new leader, who now adopted the additional name of Ataturk, or "Father of the Turks." He kept his capital, however, at Ankara, high on the Anatolian plateau, the heartland of the Turks.

4. In the Mid-East, Britain and France divided up the former Ottoman territories, creating a series of mini-states. What states did Britain control?

5. In the same area, what states did France control?

6. Italy was also a victor of the First World War, but was unable to expand her territories significantly. What areas did she control in the mid-East? What areas did she gain along her Northern and North-eastern frontiers?

7. By comparing this map with that of 1914 and 1922, what territory had Italy gained along her Northern and North-eastern frontiers?

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