Europe in 1942

This map shows Europe at the height of German Military Victories

1. By comparing this map with that of 1871, where has Hitler "improved" upon Bismarck's unification of Germany? In other words, what new areas are now included in "Greater Germany?"?

2. List and locate the five (5) Western/Northern Euopean countries occupied by Germany.

3. Hitler has enlarged Hungary at the expense of what two neighbors?

4. What has happened to Yugoslavia? Name and locate the three parts of that former country and with whom they are now allied or occupied.

5. Locate the "General Government" the name given to the remnant of Poland. What has happened to the so-called "Polish Corridor?"

6. By 1942, Germany has created two Zones of Occupation in the East. German Ostland [Eastern Lands] and Occupied Russia. What countries are included in the former? And what areas are included in the second?

7. By 1941, Germany had gained four Allies in Central Europe, all of whom participated in the Attack on the Soviet Union. Identify and locate Germany's four allies.

8. Italy too has occupied new territories by 1942. Locate the three most important.

9. By 1942, only five European countries have remained neutral. Name and locate these States.

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