Europe in 1948

This map shows the new political divisions of Europe after World War II,

1. Locate Berlin and Vienna, which were both under Four-Power Occupation.

2. List and Locate the Four Occupation Zones which now made up Germany. Which countries were the Occupiers?

3. What "fifth zone" of Germany was not authorized by the Yalta agreement but which was implemented anyway in 1945?

4. List and locate the four Occupation Zones which now made up Austria.

5. By a coincidence, the capital cities of both Germany and Austria (each under four-power occupation) were located within which Zone of Occupation?

6. By 1948, Europe had become divided by the so-called "Iron Curtain." Draw the Iron Curtain on the map.

7. In 1948, in response to the Berlin Blockade and the US response, two new international organizations appeared. On the map place an "N" on those countries which joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO] and a "W" on those countries which joined the Soviet sponsored Warsaw Pact.

8. Compare this map with the last pre-war map (1939) and examine the Western boundaries of the Soviet Union. What states has it annexed outright? What portion of neighboring states has it also taken?

9. The Soviet Union now shares a border with two states that it not border before the war. Which states are these?

10. Significantly, a new state has emerged in the mid-East. What is that state, and locate its borders in 1948.

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