Research Interests

Corporate Governance, Ownership and Control, Private Equity, Dynamic Investment Strategies, Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • The Market Value of Corporate Votes: Theory and Evidence from Option Prices (with Avner Kalay and Shagun Pant) [SSRN]
  •     -- Journal of Finance, Volume 69, Issue 3, pages 1235-1271, June 2014.

    Working Papers

  • Active Ownership (with Elroy Dimson and Xi Li), August 2014. [SSRN]
  •     -- Review of Financial Studies, conditionally accepted.
        -- Recipient of the Moskowitz Prize for the Best Paper in Socially Responsible Investing, 2012.

  • The Value of Creditor Control in Corporate Bonds (with Edith Hotchkiss and Peter Feldhütter), November 2014. [SSRN]
  •     -- Journal of Financial Economics, revise and resubmit.

  • CEO Turnover in LBOs: The Role of Boards (with Francesca Cornelli), October 2014. [SSRN]
  • Staggered Boards and Private Benefits of Control (with Mahdi Mohseni), December 2014.
  • Mean Reversion Between Different Classes of Shares in Dual-Class Firms: Evidence and Implications, November 2009. [pdf]
  • Are Capital Markets Color-Blind? The Impact of the Homeland Security Alert Level on Capital Markets, August 2007. [SSRN]
  • Work in Progress

  • Endogenous Risk Aversion, (with Emre Özdenören).
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    Oğuzhan Karakaş

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