Work in Progress

The Global Lincoln

As part of the bicentennial celebrations of Abraham Lincoln's birth in 2009, Oxford University hosted a conference on the sixteenth president's image and memory in global context. The conference featured a series of thematic and regional papers on the international Lincoln, which will be published by Oxford University Press in a book edited by the conference conveners, Richard Carwardine and Jay Sexton.

My essay examines how Lincoln's image was invoked in Ireland, most notably in the tripartite debate between moderate nationalists, hardline republicans, and Irish Unionists in the period from the 1880s through the 1920s. Each side championed a different version of Lincoln as they debated critical questions of political union, nationalism, secession, and partition.

Popular Violence in Ireland and the Atlantic World, 17631772: A Transatlantic Perspective

I am currently researching a paper on Irish and American popular violence for the conference “1763 and All That: Temptations of Empire in the British World during the Decade After the Seven Years' War,” Institute for Historical Studies, the University of Texas at Austin, February 2526, 2010, for inclusion in a volume of essays on the same topic.

The Scots-Irish and anti-Indian Violence

I am currently researching a paper on anti-Indian violence among Ulster settlers in colonial America for the conference at “Irish and Scots Encounters with Indigenous Peoples,” Celtic Studies Program, University of Toronto, in conjunction with the School of Scottish Studies at Guelph and the Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies at Aberdeen, June 1012, 2009.

American Immigration: An Interpretive History

I am beginning to lay the groundwork, through teaching, for a long-term study of the meaning of immigration in American history.