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The grade for the class will be based on a final exam, which will most likely be some kind of take-home exam (there is a slight chance that I may change this to an in-class exam, if I find that the logistics don't work out). Either way, the exam will be open-book. In addition, very high-quality participation, as described in more detail below, will result in a half-grade increase (e.g. from B to B+, from B+ to A-, etc.).


Participation in class will be handled using a panel system. You must sign up for two separate classes. In addition, the classes must be in different months. Those who are on the panel for a given class will be on call for that class. Those who aren't on the panel for that day are, of course, encouraged to participate as well.


The syllabus provides a rough and working outline of the course. However, because it is difficult to predict exactly how much ground we will be able to cover, there will probably be a number of adjustments (e.g. deletions, additions, etc.) during the course, so you shouldn't rely on it too much. The vast majority of the reading assignments will be in the casebook. In many instances, the casebook will reference statutory provisions found in the supplement, and I will expect you to be familiar with these statutory provisions. In addition, I will periodically be distributing supplementary materials in the form of handouts in class.


Probably the easiest way to contact me is by email, at If you have a short question or comment, feel free to email me or call me. However, I also encourage you to come talk to me at my office hours or by appointment. Feel free to swing by to chat about anything, whether related to the course, about intellectual property generally, about career-advice, or about nothing at all.


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