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Property Law (02/03)




This course examines concepts of property rights as well as principles of personal and real property. The rapidly changing area of landlord/tenant law is reviewed extensively, and conveyancing practices also are studied. During the second semester, the course focuses on the sources of law and the legal process, including legislative and administrative bodies and their relationships to the courts in creating, interpreting, and enforcing the law. LL70901


Mid-Term Exam
11/20/02 -- The Property Law mid-term will be an open-book, in-class exam, scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 18. For past property law exams, check the "Past Exams" page here. (Note that these past exams were take-home exams).

First Assignment
08/14/02 -- Our first class meets 2 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 29. For that class, please read in the casebook: Pierson v. Post (78-81), Notes (81-82).

Older Announcements

Here you will find general information about the course, grading, participation, contact information, and other administrative details.

The syllabus should provide you with a rough outline of the subjects we intend to cover and the order of coverage.

Handouts & Materials
I will post on this page any handouts, powerpoint presentations, and any other materials that I have in electronic form.



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