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Trademark Law (09S)



In this course, students will undertake an in-depth study of trademark law. This course will examine the doctrine, theory, practice and procedure concerning intellectual property rights in corporate names, symbols, logos, and identity. In particular, students will be introduced to trademark creation, registration, protection, licensing, and litigation. There will be a final examination. LL41401


First Assignment
01/06/09 -- Our first class meets Wednesday, Jan. 14. For that class, please read in the casebook: Brown (29-34); Landes & Posner (34-38); Litman (38-42); Borchard (16-21). Also, please download and read the excerpt from Quality Inns Int'l v. McDonald's.

Older Announcements

Here you will find general information about the course, grading, participation, contact information, and other administrative details.

The syllabus should provide you with a rough outline of the subjects we intend to cover and the order of coverage.

This page contains powerpoint presentations from class. They should be posted within a week or two after the corresponding class.

Handouts & Materials
I will post on this page in-class handouts and any other materials that I have in electronic form.



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