Michael A. Malec
Department of Sociology
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3807
Phone: (617) 552-4131
Fax: (617) 552-4283

B.S., Loyola University, Chicago;
M.S., Ph.D., Purdue University

Fall 2009 Office Hours:  
Mon & Wed, 2:30-4:00, Fri, 10:00-11:30,

and by appointment


Fall 2009 Courses:
Statistics (SC200)

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis (SC702)

      NOTE: Syllabi for the above courses, and for most Sociology Department courses, can be found here.

Spring 2010 Courses:
None -- I am on sabbatical leave.

Courses Offered in Other Semesters:

Caribbean Cultures (SC141)
Cornerstone Advisement Seminar (UN145)

Social Justice in MesoAmerica (SC323)

Sport in Society (SC359)

Seminar in Teaching Sociology (SC902)


The Social Roles of Sport in Caribbean Societies (Gordon & Breach, 1995)
Essential Statistics for Social Research (2nd ed.) (Westview Press, 1993)
Attitude Change (Markham Pub. Co., 1971)

Other Recent Publications:

2007  College Sports. In Higher Education: Open for Business (ed. Christian Gilde). Landham, MD: Lexington Books.

2000 Baseball, Cricket, Cricket, and Social Change (with H. Beckles). Pp. 177-186 in Peter Rutkoff (ed.),The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture. (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co.). [This chapter and the one below are slight revisions of the 1997 JSSI article listed below.]

1999 Baseball, Cricket and Social Change (with H. Beckles). Pp. 137-144 in Robert R. Sands (ed.), Anthropology, Sport, and Culture (Westport: Greenwood).

1997 Robinson and Worrell: Athletes As Agents of Social Change (with H. Beckles). Pp. 420-426 in Journal of Sport and Social Issues 21(4).

1997 Gender Equity in Athletics. Pp. 209-218 in Gregg Lee Carter (ed.),Perspectives on Current Social Problems.(Boston: Allyn & Bacon)

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1995 The Wonderful "World Wide Web" of Sports: An Internet Resource. Pp. 322-325 in Journal of Sport and Social Issues 19(3).

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1995 Learning Students' Names in Sociology Classes: Interactive Tactics, Who Uses Them, and When (with D. H. Smith). Pp. 280-286 in Teaching Sociology 23(3).

1995 Sports Discussion Groups on the Internet. Pp. 108-114 in Journal of Sport and Social Issues 19:(1).

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    My hobbies include photography (very amateur) and bird-watching (ditto). I like to travel. I enjoy playing basketball, tennis, and the trumpet. I keep tropical fish. I am a Die-Hard Cubs fan. A Cubs-Red Sox World Series will bring me great joy and cause no conflict. Ditto for a Cubs-anyone WS.

    Link here to some of my favorite WWW sites (dealing with Sociology, Sports, and the Caribbean).

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