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2012 Program

2012 Awards

2012 UBS Global Asset Management Award for Research in Investments: Stefano Giglio and Kelly Shue, "No news is news. Do markets underreact to nothing?"

2012 Best Paper Award: David Solimon and Eugene Soltes, "What are we meeting for? The consequences of private meetings with investors"

2012 Michael J. Barclay Young Scholar Award: Andrew MacKinlay, "(How) Do taxes affect capital structure?," and Stephen McKeon, "Manager-initiated versus investor-initiated equity issuances"

2012 Best Discussant Award: Michael Roberts

2011 Program

2011 Awards

2011 Best Paper Award: William Johnson, Jonathan Karpoff, and Sangho Li, "Why do IPO firms have takeover defenses "

2011 Michael J. Barclay Young Scholar Award: Jesse Blocher, "Contagious capital: A network analysis of interconnected intermediaries"

2011 Best Discussant Award: Jonathan Lewellen

2010 Program

2010 Awards

2010 Best Paper Award: Sophie Shive, "Local investors, price discovery, and market efficiency "

2010 Michael J. Barclay Ph.D. Student Award: Moqi Xu, "CEO Contract Horizon and Investment"

2010 Best Discussant Award: Joey Engleberg


2009 Program

2009 Awards

2009 Best Paper Award: Alex Edmans, Xavier Gabiax, and Tomasz Sadzik, "Dynamic Incentive Accounts"

2009 Best Discussant Award:  Eric Zitzewitz

2008 Program

2008 Awards

2008 Best Paper Award: William J. Mayew and Mohan Venkata, "The Power of Voice: Managerial Affective State and Future Firm Performance."

2008 Michael J. Barclay Ph.D. Student Award: Breno Schmidt, "Costs and Benefits of 'Friendly Boards' During Mergers and Acquisitions"

2008 Best Discussant Award: Sergei Davydenko


2007 Program

2007 Awards

2007 Best Paper Award: David Goldreich and Lukasz Pomorski, "Bargaining Power and Negotiated Division of Prizes in Poker Tournaments"

2007 Michael J. Barclay Ph.D. Student Award: Siddhartha G. Dastidar, "Does Asset Supply Affect Asset Returns? Evidence from the Agency Bond Market"

2007 Best Discussant Award: Rajesh Aggarwal


2006 Program

2006 Awards

2006 Best Paper Award: Martijn Cremers and Antti Petajisto, "How active is your fund manager?"

2006 Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award: Tony Tang, "Information asymmetry and firms' credit market access: Evidence from Moody's credit rating format refinement"

2006 Best Discussant Award: Eric Zitzewitz

2006 at a Glance: 75% of program currently published (in JF, RFS, JFE, JE Lit). 12.5% of program published as lead article.


2005 Program

2005 Awards

2005 Best Paper Award: Clifford G. Holderness, "A Contrarian view of ownership concentration in the United States and around the world"

2005 Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award: Camelia M. Kuhnen, "Social networks, corporate governance and contracting in the mutual fund industry"

2005 Best Discussant Award: Wayne Ferson

2005 at a Glance: 90% of program currently in published (in JF, RFS, or JFE). 30% of program published as lead article.


2004 Program

2004 Awards

2004 Best Paper Award: Jarrad Harford and Kai Li, "Decoupling CEO wealth and firm performance:The case of acquiring CEOs"

2004 at a Glance: 80% of program currently published.



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