Uffelman, Larry, and Patrick Scott.  “Kingsley's Serial Novels, II: The Water-Babies,” Victorian Periodicals Review Vol. XIX, No. 4 (Winter 1986): 122-131.
Uffelman and Scott, utilizing the Macmillan archive in the British Library, examine the revision into book form of The Water-Babies, first published serially from August 1862 to March 1863 in eight monthly episodes in Macmillan’s Magazine.  The revisions were extensive and included a softening of style and mood from the adult oriented text in Macmillan’s Magazine to one more suitable for children, a tempering of the serial version’s anti-Americanism, and, most important, “the systematic introduction of a new character, the old Irishwoman, to link together the real world of the opening with the spiritual and fantasy world of the Water-Babies” (122).

The Water-Babies; Publication; Macmillan’s Magazine; Anti-Americanism.