Chitty, Susan.  Charles Kingsley’s Landscape (Newton Abbot; North Pomfret, Vt.: David and Charles, 1976).
The first part of this work is essentially a biography of Kingsley with particular focus on the places he lived and visited, especially those in Devon. Most of the second part is an examination of the places, again mainly in Devon, mentioned in his works, particularly Westward Ho!, Two Years Ago, and The Water-Babies

Overview; Devon; Westward Ho!; Two Years Ago; The Water-Babies.

Dodd, Philip.  “Gender and Cornwall: Charles Kingsley to Daphne du Maurier,”  in K. D. M. Snell (ed.) The Regional Novel in Britain and Ireland, 1800-1990 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998): 119-135.
Dodd declares that the West Country in Two Years Ago is a region signifying for Kingsley a “forward-looking, confident masculinity” (125).  Its manly Protestant values complement the muscular Tom Thurnall while the London world is the appropriate place for the effete poet Elsley Vavasour.

Two Years Ago; Cornwall; Devon; Manliness.

Nichols, May Ellis.  “In Kingsley-Land,” Book News Monthly Vol. 25 (June 1907): 670-674.
Nichols describes a “pilgrimage” she took through the West Country following in the footsteps of Amyas Leigh and others from Westward Ho! and visiting the scenes depicted in the novel.

Westward Ho!; Devon; Cornwall.

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