Sutherland, J. A. “Westward Ho! ‘A Popularly Successful Book’” in his Victorian Novelists and Publishers (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1976): 117-132.
Sutherland discusses the publication process of Westward Ho! and Kingsley’s relationship with its publisher Macmillan's.  “The result of the collaboration was one of the most remarkable bestsellers of the century” (122).  Though the novel, according to Sutherland, benefited from the moderating influence of the publisher, many readers were disturbed by certain elements, above all its pathology and violence.

Westward Ho!; Macmillan’s; Publication.

Uffelman, Larry K.  “Kingsley’s Hereward the Wake: From Serial to Book,” Victorians Institute Journal Vol. 14 (1986): 147-156.
Kingsley, according to Uffelman, very carefully revised the text of his last novel in its original serial form for its publication as a book.  Published first in the Protestant journal Good Words, Hereward displays throughout Kingsley’s hatred for effete, feminine monasticism and by extension Roman Catholicism.  However, Uffelman shows that Kingsley as he made revisions for publishing the novel in book form toned down some of his more venomous passages “tempering his story to fit a different medium and to appeal to the taste of a more liberal publisher," Macmillan (155).

Hereward the Wake; Macmillan's; Catholicism; Publication.

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