Oxford Movement (Tractarianism)
Baker, Joseph Ellis.  The Novel and the Oxford Movement (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1932): 88-100.
Baker argues that Kingsley’s hostility to the Oxford Movement was based on a quite different view concerning the nature of man.  Whereas the Oxford Movement held that man's nature was essentially sinful, Kingsley, “of the school of Rousseau”, believed that it was essentially good (88).  Baker reviews the novels of this “pugnacious Protestant” for anti-Catholic sentiments (99).  “Though Kingsley’s pictures of Tractarians are so obviously prejudiced that it is hardly necessary to correct them, his comments help to reveal the core of his own vigorous mind, and the setting of the Oxford Movement within the framework of other mid-century ideas” (100).

Oxford Movement (Tractarianism); Novels; Catholicism; Religion.

Jay, Elizabeth.  Faith and Doubt in Victorian Britain (Basingstoke, Hampshire: Macmillan, 1986).
Jay briefly discusses Kingsley’s dislike of Roman Catholicism and Tractarianism.

Catholicism; Oxford Movement (Tractarianism).