Relationship to Press
Uffelman, Larry K. “Kingsley, the Poet, and the Press,” Kansas Quarterly Vol. 7, No. 4 (1975): 79-84.
Uffelman discusses Kingsley’s relationship to the press.  In 1867 he edited for a short period Fraser’s Magazine; he helped found the Christian Socialist journals, Politics for the People and the Christian Socialist; he published reviews and articles in North British Review, Good Words, Good Words for the Young, and Macmillan’s Magazine; he first published in journals his prose idylls, many poems, and four of his novels.  However, his connections with periodicals were not always smooth.  He was frequently attacked by the press, especially during the 1840’s and 1850’s and his enemies used the reviews to assail him.  Kingsley’s bitterness toward the press is evident in such novels as Alton Locke and Two Years Ago where newspapers and journals and the people who write for them are treated with sarcasm and distrust.

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