Prose Rhythm
Saintsbury, George.  A History of English Prose Rhythm (London: Macmillan, 1922).
In a brief consideration Saintsbury praises Kingsley's rhythmic and metrical style in his some of his prose works, particularly Westward Ho!.

Prose Rhythm.

Seaver, George.  Charles Kingsley: Poet (Folcroft Library Editions, 1973).
This is a short volume, about forty pages, examining Kingsley's poetry. Seaver declares that his poetic output cannot be considered great either for its output or for its quality.  Still, he praises much of his poetry and argues that "it has its own distinctive note: among the minor poets of our language he stands high" (3-4).  Seaver also lauds the poetic nature of Kingsley's prose; much is "prose-poetry".  In fact, his quality as a poet may be especially seen in his pen-pictures of nature and scenery in his Prose Idylls and in his novels.  However, Seaver concludes that the main interest will abide in Kingsley the man rather than Kingsley the poet.

Overview; Poetry; Prose Rhythm; Saint's Tragedy, The.

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