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An SO(3) action.
July 2015 near Silverton CO.
Photo by
Roger Hangarter , who sits by the fire on the left.



Fall 2015 teaching:

MATH 2203 Multivariable Calculus (Honors)

MATH 8806 Algebra I (Notes for Group Theory, Linear Algebra, Galois Theory, Representation Theory)

Some Previous Courses

MATH 1102 Calculus I (course notes)

MATH 1103 Calculus II (notes on Quadature of Parabola and Wallis-Gauss)

MT202 Multivariable Calculus

MT210 Linear Algebra (course notes)

MT216 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

MT310 Introduction to Abstract Algebra

MT320 Introduction to Analysis

MT453 Euclid's Elements (PiMuEpsilon talk)

MT814 Complex Variables I

MT815 Complex Variables II

MATH 8820 Introduction to Representation Theory

MT845 Introduction to Lie Groups (course notes)


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