Math 804 Analysis I
Mark Reeder
Fall 2008


Homework 1 solutions

Homework 2 solutions

Homework 3 solutions

Homework 4 solutions

Final exam solutions

LaTeX resources:

Mac OSX:
Get MacTeX here. Scroll down to "Trying out Tex" for demos.

: You'll need two files: The MiKTeX program, and some editor.
                  Download sites with full instructions and lots of examples can be found here.
                  Or, to obtain the files directly, get
                         1.   MiKTeX  and
                         2.  some editor, such as:  WinEdt or  TeXnicCenter.

804hw1.tex (Source file, to be used as a template. First compile it to make a pdf. Then modify as needed.)

LaTeX manual (math symbols on page 63)