UN 514 01 The Earth, Personal Growth, James W. Skehan, S.J. & Spiritual "Aerobics"

Second semester, 1998

This seminar is meant to be an adventuresome exploration of the Earth's evolutionary development through 4600 million years, and of one's own developing Christocentric spirituality through personal "aerobics," by means of the Spiritual Exercises of the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius. A short paper emphasizing intellectual and affective aspects of assigned readings will be the basis for each group discussion. Spirituality and spiritual "aerobics" components consist of various forms of Ignatian prayer, aspects of creation spirituality, and perspectives drawn from the writings of the geologist, Teilhard de Chardin, S.J. These will provide an opportunity to deepen a commitment to the Ignatian ideals of becoming a "contemplative in action" and "a person for others."

Rev. Prof. James W. Skehan, S.J., National Neil Miner Geology Teaching Award recipient, is internationally known for published studies and lectures on the assembly and breakup of supercontinents. These exciting geological concepts are based on field studies around the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally Ignatius' prayerful "spiritual aerobic" exercises can provide life-transforming insights that may help integrate all aspects of one's life in college and beyond. This course emphasizes the three Words of God: The Bible; Jesus, the Word become human; and Nature, the created universe as the Cosmic Word of God.