Day of Dance 2002, part 2

Afternoon stand, Essex Street Mall, Salem

1) Red Herring does "Car Park and Garden."

2) & 3) The Headcorn women perform "The Night Visitor," once again accompanied by Ian Graham's superb vocals (and histrionics).

4) Headcorn men.

1) MOTley Morris, about to emit ear-splitting screams.

2) MOTley musicians.

3) & 4) MOTley performs "Over the Top."



Late afternoon stand, Red Rocks Park, Lynn


1) Lead the Bassett Street Hounds to water...

2) ...and they'll do "Mr. Dolly."

3)-5) The assembled multitudes have a go at "Vandals of Hammerwich."


...and then it's off to Day of Dance Doyen Jeff Bigler's place in Nahant for relaxation, conversation, food, drink, music and the odd sauna (not shown due to popular demand).


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