Academic Positions

  • Professor, Boston College, Department of Economics (Sep'11-present)
  • Associate Professor, Boston College, Department of Economics (Sep'08-Aug'11)
  • Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Economics (Sep'05-Aug'08)
  • Assistant Professor, Koç University, Department of Economics (Sep'00-Aug'05)
  • Visiting Fellowships:

  • Distinguished Research Fellow, Koç University, (July's, '13-'17)
  • Honorary Professor, Deakin University Australia ('13-'15)
  • Visiting Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Jan'14-Apr'14)
  • Visiting Researcher, Microsoft Research Lab, New England (Aug'10-Dec'10)
  • Research Fellow, Harvard Business School (Sep'02-Aug'03)

  • Education

  • Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pittsburgh (2000)
  • M.A. in Economics, University of Pittsburgh (1997) and Bilkent University (1995)
  • B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University (1993)

  • On The 2012 Economics Prize in Memory of Alfred Nobel:

    Matching theory and market design are my main research areas. The Economics Prize in Memory of Alfred Nobel was awarded in 2012 in these areas to Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley for their contributions on the "Theory of Stable Allocations and the Practice of Market Design." My heartfelt congratulations go out to them. I am also grateful to The Nobel Committee, which extensively cited my research in the scientific background document.

    Editorial Affiliations

  • Associate Editor, Theoretical Economics (2012-present)
  • Associate Editor, Review of Economic Design (2012-present)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Mechanism and Institution Design (2015-present)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Mathematical Economics (2010-present)
  • Associate Editor, BE Journal of Theoretical Economics (2007-2013)

  • Prizes, Grants, Awards, Honors

    Prizes, Awards, and Honors

  • Elected Fellow, The Science Academy of Turkey(2014-present)
  • President, Society for Economic Design(2008-2015)
  • Franz Edelman Award Laureate, INFORMS (2014)
  • Special Award (aka "Science Medal"), Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBITAK) (2013)
  • Excellence in Refereeing Award, American Economic Review (2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Distinguished Young Scholar Award (GEBIP) , Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA)(2005)
  • Research Promotion Award, Prof. Mustafa Parlar Foundation (2005)
  • Promotion Award in Social Sciences, Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) (2004)
  • Graduate Student Paper Prize, Society for Computational Economics (1999)
  • Grants

  • NSF Grant: "Organ Exchange for Kidneys, Livers, and Lungs" No: SES #1426440 (as Co-Principal Investigator)(2014-2017) (grant amount: $ 280,247, including one other PI)
  • NSF Grant: "Collaborative Research: The Optimal Timing of Kidney Exchanges: A Markov Game Approach" No: CMMI #1069100 (as Principal Investigator)(2011-2014) (grant amount: $90,978)
  • NSF Grant: "Collaborative Research: Kidney Exchange" No: SES #0616689 (as Principal Investigator)(2006-2008) (grant amount: $69,870)
  • NSF Grant: "EHP:Market Culture, Performance, and the Timing of Transactions" No: SES#0338619  (as Co-Principal Investigator) (2004-2010) (grant amount:$323,338 including two other PIs)