Tieying Yu
Associate Professor of Strategic Management
Carroll School of Management
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
E-mail: yuti@bc.edu


Research Interests

Focusing on individual firm competitive actions, I study the antecedents, contingencies and outcomes of firm competitive interaction. A unique attribute of my research is the exploration of factors that are particularly salient for global rivalry, such as cultural or regulatory differences across countries. Hence, my work offers a novel extension of the traditional competitive dynamics research to an international realmAdditionally, I am intrigued by the dynamism of multimarket competition, situations in which firms compete simultaneously against the same rivals in more than one market. Finally, I am interested in how firms compete and cooperate at the same time and how such co-opetive behavior influences firms’ future cooperative/competitive strategies and performance consequences.

My second line of work examines the impact of social context on firm strategic behavior. My work in this area has demonstrated that embeddedness in the social context has important consequences for some organizational phenomena, such as organizationsresponses to the spillover effects of crises; and organizational defection from multi-organization associations to which they belong.



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Yu, T., & Lester, R. H. 2008. Moving Beyond Firm Boundaries: A Social Network Perspective on Reputation Spillover. Corporate Reputation Review. 11(1): 94-108.  (PDF)

Yu, T., & Cannella, A. 2007. Rivalry Between Multinational Enterprises: An Event History Approach. Academy of Management Journal. 50(3): 663-684. (PDF)


Working Papers

Yu, T., Chen, M., Michel, J., & Cannella, A. The Effects of Institutional Distance on MNC Host-Country Competitive Actions. Under 2nd round review at the Strategic Management Journal.